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Holiday Tips

As the winter holidays are quickly approaching many of us are thinking about traveling and/or entertaining guests. Planning for these events can be stressful but with a few helpful tips can be quite enjoyable. First your homes safety is always important whether you are away or have vistors here are a few tips to help enhance your home’s safety this holiday.

I am sure you have noticed it gets dark earlier now, that is why it is important to make sure the exterior of your house is well lit. This gives you a spook free journey to the front door as you arrive home in the evenings and makes it difficult for predators to lurk around your property. It is also a good idea to keep your yard neat, walkways swept and clear of debris. This prevents your house from looking vacant and more susceptible to crime. Placing your lights on a timer is also an easy way to increase the safety of your property. It ensures that you a well lit welcome home in the evenings and if you are going out of town for the holidays gives the appearance that someone is home. If you do plan on being away for a few days it is recommended that you verify all your windows are locked and blinds are shut. Also arrange with the post office and newspaper to have your delivers held until your return. If mail or newspapers pile up it lets predators know the house is currently unattended. Prior to leaving make sure your furnace is turned off and any heat generating items are unplugged. This will help save slightly on utility bills and lower the chances of a fire while you are away.

If you plan on staying in and entertaining there are a few other things you can do to increase how inviting your home is to your guests. Adding a personal touch to the front door is a simple way to start your guests’ visit in a cozy way. A seasonal wreath or doormat are two affordable ways to add some holiday spirit to your home. Arranging furniture so that it creates walkways and prevents large pieces from having their backs face entrances makes a room fill larger and more welcoming. Making sure there is ample light and decluttering common areas and guest rooms is also an easy way to brighten a room and make them feel larger. To add another layer of comfort of your home you can use fragrances. In order to fill your home with the smell of the holidays you can use traditional methods like candle warmers, potpourri or scentsy or you can display oranges with cloves pierced in them to create a personal design.

No matter what your holiday plans are I hope they are filled with love and joy.

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Renting vs. Buying

Often times I hear people say they are looking to rent a home and when I ask “Why not buy?” most have not given it any thought. Two years ago when I first moved to El Paso my husband and I didn’t give it any thought either, now I regret it. Do we want to stay in El Paso long term, no, but looking back on things we have been paying rent for two years and have no equity as a result. About a year into renting we did discuss buying a home in Florida and spoke to a lender. We thought for sure we would not qualify and we would just learn what we needed to do in order to buy in the next few years. After speaking with the lender we did qualify, had enough for a down payment and our mortgage payments would be less then our current rental amount. We are still renting because we are locked into a lease but I wish we had more fully explored our options sooner. I do recommend that everyone who is looking at renting speak with a Realtor & lender and weigh their options before making any commitment. Below you will also find a link to an article related to this debate if you would like to see some additional information. If you or someone you know is looking to rent please give me a call (813-758-7311) or drop me an email (Ria.Warner.Realtor@gmail.com) so that I can help you decide what option is best for you. No matter what you choose I can then seamlessly help you find the perfect home to rent or buy.

The Great Debate: Renting vs. Buying A Home.

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Plays & PTA- Over the weekend

Two El Paso theatre’s preimer their shows this weekend and one local PTA hosts its Fall fesival. Below you will find details for these plays & PTA if you would like to add them to your plans for the weekend.

Frontera Rep Theatre Company’s inaugural season opens this weekend at UTEP with “Reentry” a docudrama about Marines and their struggles with returning from combat and their relationships for the civilians they fight for. The show runs Oct. 12-14 and tickets start at $14.50.



The El Paso Playhouse will be opening the classic “Arsenic & Old Lace” this weekend at their theatre on Montana. The show runs Oct 12-Nov. 3rd. Tickets start at $7.



The Lundy Elementary School PTA will be hosting their 2nd annual Fall Festival this weekend. It promises crafts, games, vendors & more.


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Don’t ‘Fall’ behind on winter prep for your home

As summer comes to an end we start to brace ourselves for the hustle and bustle of the up coming Holidays. Now is the perfect time to start some winter prepping for your homes. This article from “This Old House” will walk you through a variety of different projects to get your house in tip top shape before the temperatures drop. These projects will help protect your home from freezing mishaps, help make your home more efficient and even add curb appeal.

Get Ready for the Cold Season | Easy Fall Prep for a Warm and Cozy Home | Photos | Fall Upkeep | This Old House.

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Hello world!

As a military wife I understand the stresses and joys of moving. As a Realtor I have the knowledge to make your next move easy. Whether you are looking to sell, purchase, lease or rent I can help you on your journey. This blog will give you insight in to many things related to Real Estate, home ownership and making a rental not just another house but your home. I hope you enjoy!